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Ebay and Paypal Hacked: 3 Steps to Protect Your Information


Saturday Supper

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Tonight dh made a wonderful meal, with ground beef (97/3), herbs, spices, garlic, stewed tomatoes and I don’t really know what else! It was super delish. He added pasta to his, to make it a bit less healthy for him 🙂



Most of today’s eating went pretty well. I did discover just how sweet my calcium supplement gummy vitamin is. Its a piece of candy! For real!


So I’m starting a GFCFSF dietary plan

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I don’t want to call it a “diet” per se, though it is a diet, just not in the sense that at some point I’ll stop eating this way. GFCFSF stands for gluten free, casein free, sugar free. Casein is a milk protein. Sometimes, this type of eating is called Paleo, Primal, SCD, GAPs, and other names. Basically, I am eating whole, real food. Tada! I’m avoiding GMO products, potatoes, tomatoes, rice, soy, etc as well, so really trying to buckle down.

I made tuna patties tonight, from this recipe. They are super delicious. It seems like a lot of ingredients, but you just toss everything in a bowl, stir, and plop them into a pan to cook. Et voila! Easy peasy entree. The only change I made was to halve the recipe, and I used minced garlic instead of garlic powder. Grandma suggested putting some lemon juice on top, as we do for fried catfish in these parts. I tried it, not sure but may veto it as an option. It did add a little zip but the breading (egg + almond flour) absorbed it and it was weird.


Also this week I’ve made Pumpkin Sausage Soup, Carrot Ginger soup, and Split Pea with Ham and Bacon. The pumpkin sausage was by far the best. I left out all the creaminess, but the brothy, rich soup was very satisfying. The carrot ginger soup failed for some reason, it was not tasty, and a weird texture. So I used a bit of the stock that I had left to make the split pea. The stock this time was ah-maze-ing. I used a recipe from Suzanne that I can’t find at the moment, but it was fabulous.


I encourage you, if you suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, illness, mental illness, or weight issues, to give this eating plan a try!


Love your life,


then versus now.

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Wow, I love this photo. It conveys a time and a scene, different from now. Definitely going to check out more of his work!

the dream being

James Welling Artist Website Here. 
James Welling, Jack Goldstein 1977. serra__1974_copyJames Welling, Pollock/Serra from Early Work, 1974.
giacometti__1974_copyJames Welling, Rothko/Giacometti from Early Work, 1974.
James Welling,  Untitled from Early Work ,  January 7, 1976.
James Welling, Bike from Early Work  1975. po_07_red_dawn1975_copyJames Welling, Red Dawn from Early Work  1975.
James Welling, Untitled. 
James Welling, 013 2006.
2006-WELJA0316-200-600x406James Welling, H7 2006.
James Welling, Two Trees 2010.
See more work here. 

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Whitney on the Web-Pomegranate and Puce

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Whitney’s Pomegranate and Puce Blog is live! Check it out and give her your support!



Pomegranate and Puce

Laura Lou

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Anne: Portrait session preview!

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I’m loving the use of color in this… ie same color on dress and in graffiti, It really makes it pop!

5 Tips For Wearing a Corset for an Event or Photography

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When my husband and I first became engaged, my first wardrobe purchase, without a second thought, was several steel boned corsets. I wanted to look my best at the wedding, and corsetry was an automatic go-to plan. I had alread

Keith and Whitney Grauman Toasting

Keith and Whitney Toasting

y researched where I planned to buy from next, who had great deals and spiral steel. I felt sexy and looked great at the wedding 🙂 Corset fabulousness strikes again!

Wearing a corset is a great way to feel sexy and confident in photographs. Something about it just makes us girls, especially bigger girls, be more bold. At least that’s how it works for me 🙂 I’ve done quite a lot of corset research, and wanted to share a few pointers for buying and wearing your corset for an event or photography.

1) Buy the best you can afford. Better quality is equal to more comfort while wearing. Natural fabrics are better than synthetics, the inner lining should be coutil or cotton canvas. The lining should be cotton. The outer should not show wetness easily. Underbust corsets are often more comfortable, offer more wear options, and cost a bit less than their overbust cousins.

2) Insist on steel boning for “functional” corsets. I’ve broken so-called corsets in one wearing, even while trying on, a “corset” with polyester boning (the usual stuff). You almost always have to buy from a special shop online or brick and mortar in order to get steel boning, but if you want a functional garment, it is a necessity.

3) Buy your true size. It is tempting to change from the recommendations of the shop (if buying ready to wear) on what size to get, but really, truly, buy the correct size, neither smaller nor larger. The correct size will fit most comfortably and provide the best look while laced. I put on two of my corsets the other day, one larger, my true size, and one 2″ smaller. Though I laced to the same measurement, the better fit was way more comfortable.

4) Break it in. Start by wearing your corset and hour or two a day, then progress to wearing it all day or the duration of the event you are planning for it. Be sure to wear it with the bra you plan to wear to the event, if it is underbust, to make sure it all “works” together. Conditioning your corset will point out any potential problems or fit issues prior to the big day. Its like an extended dress rehearsal 🙂

5) Wear it proud. Whether you’re wearing your corset as an inner or outer garment, enjoy the feeling and great looks!

Creativity in Portrait Photography

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Creativity is ever evolving and ever changing.

Creativity is constant experimentation and learning.

To live a creative life is to live as an apprentice to life.

Who We Are:

I am Whitney, your friendly neighborhood artist and alternative portrait photographer. Here with me today is Keith, my husband and retoucher/editor.

We strive to work creatively to make your portraits come to life. Together we offer art knowledge and experience, paired with outside art tendencies and breaking all the rules.

What this means to you:

Every shoot will be approached as a new and interesting concept, every shoot will be tailored to your needs as a client, and every shoot will have experimentation as part of its theme, in order to create wonderful works of art.

We create alternative portraits. If you want something “normal” with a blue background, your chin up just so, with a bland meaningless expression—go to someone else, I’ll be happy to refer you.

If you want a unique work of art featuring you or your loved one, come to us. We are running introductory offers right now with referral bonuses for customers. Special rates are available with use of your home/location, and for military affiliations.

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